Blog 6

Are you struggling to increase your social media followers?

Are you wondering how some hairdressers and beauty salons managed to get a massive number of followers and likes on their Facebook page?

Here you will find some important and pretty interesting tips to increase the followers on facebook!

1. Target the audience

If you want to get more likes on your post, make sure you are targetting the right people, who are actually interested in the services you offer. Make sure the right people like your page and love to see some beauty tips!

Avoid trying to appeal everybody to like your page just to increase the count. Rather focus on getting the ideal client on your Facebook page for a better social media marketing campaign. With ideal clients following your page, it becomes easy to get more likes and engage with your potential prospects. So look for ideal clients who are the right fit for your salon philosophy, visit you regularly, love the tips and services you offer and want to engage with you frequently.

2. Avoid easy mistakes that cost likes

If you are using business facebook as your personal profile at home, you are directly affecting the worth of your page yourself. It’s nice to add some friendly fun into your posts but you need to draw the line between “personality” and “personal information”. Your clients don’t want to know how your holiday went or about the fancy car you just bought or what you’re having for dinner tonight. Keep it relevant to the interest of your client or else they will just hit the ‘unlike’ button.

3. Keep On-brand

Make sure your posts are relevant to your salon business and brand as well. Being on-topic or on-brand means you’re constantly engaging with your end-customers and they are most likely to hit the like button. But being on-topic doesn’t mean you have to stick to the posts related to your salon business. You can also share generic information regarding the new trends or styles being launched by celebrities or artists and mix it with your salon updates and news.

4. Get your team to promote

Ask your staff to like your business page and share the posts on their personal page with their friendslist, whenever possible. It will be helpful in putting your salon services in front of a new local audience, build brand awareness with the staff’s family and friends and will keep your staff in the loop about what’s happening in the salon.

5. Discounts and offers increase Facebook likes

Do share the discounts and offers you are currently offering in your salon. Studies suggest that 41% of Facebook users like a business page because they want to stay updated with the current offers and discounts running. Whereas, 28% of Facebook users like a business page because they like to take part in special promotions.

6. Quality of your Posts

Don’t post just for the sake of it. If you don’t have anything to say then it’s better to not post at all. Quality of your posts plays a vital role in the promotion of your business. Keep the posts short sentenced, use the bullet points to make it attractive and easy to read, use relevant hashtags and don’t forget to add emoji.