Blog 3

A beauty Salon App is much more than just displaying hairstyles and nail color. If you consider some important elements to add to the app, you can have a perfect app befitting your business and your clients as well:-

Flash sale offers and discounts

Wedding or festive season can benefit your business and flashing discounts over your app can lure more customers. Make it fall under list of special events and make exciting offers so that users can be excited about this.

Important reminders

Customers can book an appointment and then forget about it. So can add a reminder feature which reminds them about their pending appointments.

Prior Knowledge

It is great to have transparency regarding rate cards of hair and nail beauty services. Add rates, tax, additional charges and description about the services as well. This way customers feel more convinced regarding the cost before visiting the salon.

Photo Gallery

If you own a beauty salon, what is the best way to get more customers? Definitely by showing off your work and reviews given by your happy customers. Get the pictures photographed by a professional and add it to your photo gallery for extravagant attention.


Allow your customers to rate your services and facilities. Positive reviews will help you gain more customers whereas negative ones can highlight the areas of improvement. In both ways, it is good for your business.

Dynamic invoice system

Enable your customers to make online payments by adding dynamic invoice system within your mobile app. It is safe and eliminates the trouble of carrying cash.