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We are focused on developing custom mobile app solution for salon services. Bealiza is a turn-key system to power any salon related business. With feature rich mobile application and innovative marketing strategies, manage and propel your business into the next stage.

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Salon Features

Welcome to Bealiza. We serve salon industry with the powerful and feature-rich mobile applications. We offer professional mobile applications with rich user experience to create a remarkable impact over your end-consumer.

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Admin Backend

Manage your stylists, appointments, calendar, deals and every other aspect of your business through the intuitive admin backend.

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Book Appointments

Your clients can book the services from the app and pick up their favorite artist or a stylist. If your artist are renting out chairs, you can even give them individual login's to manage their businesses.

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Free WiFi

Incentvise your clients to install the app with free in-store WiFi. Control how much time and bandwidth is allowed to the clients for free WiFi access.

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Loyalty Program

Ensuring repeat orders & retention. Greet your regular customer and offer special. discount instantly to enhance repeat orders. Customers can review the loyalty points and they can redeem for offers. The Loyalty Program can be customized a per the business needs.

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You can run a single or multiple branches of your salon.

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Offers & Discounts

Greet your regular customer and offer special discount instantly to enhance repeat orders. Your branded salon mobile app will offer to your customers, a range of offers and coupons.

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Pick Artist/Stylist

You can enable client's to book appointments with their favorite artist or stylist at your salon.

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Push Notification

With online integration, send new notification about appointments, specials, or events to clients to keep them engaged and make your workflow easier.

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Refer and Earn

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors and reward them with fabulous offers and deals. Customers can earn points, vouchers or food deals by referring app to their friends & relatives. They can redeem these offers at the time of their next orders.

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Reports and Analytics

Service history along with tracking makes your business appear trustworthy and reliable.

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Drive more business to your salon during slow hours. Geofencing with push notification can send our time sensetive coupons to the clients who are in the vacanity of your establishment.

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How it Works?

You On the Go platform to offer delightful and seamless browsing experience to your customers!

How it works
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Navigation Bar

The calendar appointment slots on the top of the application lets the user check the Therapist availability, just by tapping over the respective option.

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Salon Services

Service selector helps the customers to place the order.

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Therapist Selector

This section gives the information regarding the various listed Therapists in the Salon. The user can book the appointment with their favorite therapist.

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Time Availability

This section shows the Thereapists availability time slot so, the user can book them as per convenience.

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APP Screenshots

Have a look at some of the applications which made life easier for our clients!

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your queries here! Your thoughts are not limited to the questions listed here. You can always contact us.

All you have to do is customize the colors, themes, background, buttons etc to meet your expectation as app and features are already built. You expect the delivery of your app within some days.
Bealiza gives salons access to their own online diary system so they can independently control their calendar and on-site availability. We teach them to use the software, to synchronise it with their own digital diary (if they opt not to use it as their main management system) and to keep their appointment information up to date.
Bealiza needs nothing more than your business logo, your product, and services menu including prices, pictures, address, phone, email etc to customize your app accordingly. We promise a fully customized app according to your business requirements.
Our transparency policy refrains us from having any kind of hidden charges!
Our work is done with the delivery of the app, after that, we will manage your app for as long as you want us to. If you want anyone else to handle your app we are happy to transfer the controls. So basically you own the app as you’re the one paying for it!
We support a number of direct imports from other systems, so usually it’s as simple as exporting the customer list from your existing system and clicking the import button within timely. If you’re using another system that isn’t currently supported we have a generic import tool available for you, and an professional support team ready to give you a hand.
When you will receive your app, you will be provided with an app control panel compatible with different devices. You can access the app control panel from any device including desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Through app control panel you can manage most of the App Contents from the App Control panel. But you will need professional assistance to change the colors, design etc.
Yes you can! You can re-book a therapist you had before or select a new one. Once you’ve chosen your therapist, you’ll see what their availability is so you can select a date and time that works for you.
Please enter the voucher code in the Discount box when you get to checkout. The value of the code will be deducted from your total booking cost.
We are developing the Bealiza mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. We will publish at the app store soon.

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